ISTNVEST Debt Financing Services Debt Financing
Istnvest provides extensive assistance to the companies looking to raise new debt capital or refinance their existing facilities and explores the company to its full range of options. With its qualified knowledge of international financing markets, through clear analysis of their options, Istnvest guides the company how to achieve financing structures, which meet their strategic and operational objectives.

For a successful debt financing, a wide range of circumstances should be provided, such as:

● Making significant acquisitions requiring debt finance
● Receiving multiple offers from debt providers
● Need to diversify its funding base and broaden its debt relationships
● Considering entry into a new debt market
● Refinancing maturing facilities
● Need additional funding for a change in business strategy
● Looking into its options for raising finance, on or off balance sheet, secured against its real estate assets.
Sale- and- lease back model is also provided.